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Weber & Weber

To Our Value Customer
In 1953, the German pharmacist, Richard Weber, Sr., and the Swiss naturopathic physician, Dr. Alfred Vogel, collaborated knowledge and experience in the fields of phytotherapy and homeopathy to form the company "Vogel and Weber". It was their intention from the beginning to provide high quality products and specialized formulas to satisfy the needs of German natural health practitioners and their patients.

Ten years after its founding, the company moved to its present location in Inning am Ammersee, Bavaria, Germany. Dr. Vogel retired from the company in 1986, after which it was given its present name of "Weber & Weber". Richard Weber died in 1990 at the age of 81.

A company with tradition turns over a new leaf in 1996 In 1996, the physician Dr. Reiner Rittinghausen took over the direction of Weber & Weber, bringing with him fresh ideas and progressive goals. Under his management, the company has aimed toward bridging invaluable knowledge in natural medicine with modern clinical science and toward introducing their products to an ever-increasing international market.

The Company
Our owner and CEO Reiner Rittinghausen, M.D. brings a physician's insight to Weber & Weber. under his leadership, products are researched and developed with a unique understanding of todays patients.

Currently, more and more patients are adapting a philosophy of assuming increased responsibility for their health and of using natural products in treating of ailments. At Weber & Weber, this "modern" approach toward active health maintenance has accompanied us for over forty years! Furthermore, we have always worked hand in hand with natural health professionals to test the effectiveness of our products and develop new remedies.

The popularity and success of our phytopharmeceutical and homeopathic preparations, which include Arniforce-forte© (arthritis), Petadolex® (migraine) Otovowen® (otitis media), are based upon decades of experience and dedication, as well as upon long-term clinical and pharmacological research

Each day, we advance homeopathic and phytomedicine through the latest clinical science, pharmacology and modern technology. And now, the quality, heritage, and results that make us a respected leader in Germany, are available for the first time in America. the following pages provide more information on bringing the power of our products to your practice.

The Products
In 1993, Weber & Weber celebrated the 40th anniversary of its founding and, consequently, four decades of providing high quality, effective phytopharmaceutical and homeopathic products to the German market. The majority of remedies presently being offered by Weber & Weber are based upon original, time-tested formulas.

However, since the early 1990’s, the product range has evolved and expanded to include new formulations which are designed to satisfy the needs of today’s changing market. Through both the preservation of traditional remedies and the introduction of contemporary, well-researched products, the private company of Weber & Weber is making a valuable contribution toward upholding and advancing the field of naturopathic medicine.

The Ingredients
You don't discover the essence of nature sitting behind a desk. That's why at WEBER & WEBER, we get our hands dirty. Because along with the finest scientific formulations and processing techniques, we are after all, tending a garden. And by planting, cultivating, harvesting, and processing our own plants, we make sure our remedies measure up to the highest quality standard of them all...Nature. No wonder we've been the trusted choice of German doctors for half a century.

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