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About Bayho Inc.

Bayho professional quality vitamins are listed online for sales. Some of Bayho's supplements are for members only, please sign into your account before searching the Bayho database.

Some of our professional line vitamins, herbal, and dietary supplements are available only from your physician, doctor, naturopath, pharmacy or health care professional. The Paypal and BuySafe Security Seals assure your confidential vitamin supplement order is processed.

We believe in providing top-quality food supplements at an affordable and competitive prices. However, we do not get involved in selling cheap, unknown potency supplements because we believe that this would compromise, and thus degrade, our products. Our Professional Line vitamins, herbal, and dietary supplements are available only from your physician, doctor, naturopath or pharmacy. All clinical testing, product standardization, good quality ingredient and better manufacturing processes are costly, but they are necessary to ensure the top grade of supplements. The Security Guarantees make sure that you feel secure and comfortable with us.

The content of herbal products varies widely, depending on how the plant is grown, harvest, and stored, the parts that are selected, and the extraction process that is used.

Some researcher estimate that the ingredients of some common herbal products vary from 0-10 times the labeled amount.

Standardization of herbal products means the manufacturer identifies one or a few ingredients of the herb, and makes sure each batch contains the same amount. But there are several possible problems with this. With most herbs we do not really know whichingredients cause the desired effect. A second problem with standardization is that most herbs exert their effects due to a number of related components. Standardizing the product assures the proper concentration of one or a few ingredients but not all of them. Additionally, standardized products could still vary form one manufacturer to another.

All personal and medical information is confidential. We will not sell or disclose any of your information without your authorization.

Bayho use the internet to provide the best selections of supplements. Convenient, easy, secure online ordering allow you to shop at home, office, and on the road.

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The manager, Dennis Chan, PharmD is a member of American Pharmacists Association