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BabyDance Fertility Lubricant 40 Grams

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A fertility-friendly lube made without parabens. Isotonic and pH-matched to mimic your own fertile fluids for a natural feeling.Each box includes a 40 gm (1.4. oz) tube of lubricant and 10 single-use applicators. Guaranteed to be sperm-friendly – each batch is tested to ensure it is safe for sperm and eggs.
Single-use applicators deliver BabyDance inside the vagina near the cervix prior to intercourse. May also be applied externally to genital tissues.
Ingredients: Purifed water, cetyl hydroxyethylcellulose, hypromellose, Carbomer homopolymer type B, sodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, Sodium chloride, Raspberry-derived xylose, Sodium hydroxide, Phenethyl alcohol, caprylyl glycol, Salvia sclarea (clary sage).
Applicators are single use only. Do not reuse. Store at room temperature (36°-86°F / 2°-30°C). No patient data are available regarding pregnancies or birth outcomes in women using this product.
If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately, and if it persists consult your health care provider. Consult a health care provider if you do not become pregnant within 6 months of BabyDance use. BabyDance is not a contraceptive. It does not harm sperm.


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