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Trace Minerals Research

Magnesium Tablets 60 tablets

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Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body. About half of it is found in the bones while the other half is predominantly found in the cells, tissues and organs. It is responsible for over 300 biochemical responses in the human body and fuels digestive enzymes, helping the body effectively utilize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
Magnesium ions (charged magnesium atoms) play a key role in energy metabolism, nerve conduction, muscle contraction, immune function, bone and tooth formation, and are particularly important to heart and circulatory health.* Research has shown many American diets to be deficient in magnesium.*
Magnesium Tablets is a carefully formulated blend of complementary sources of magnesium that provides 300 mg of magnesium per serving to help you maintain healthy levels of magnesium in the body for optimum health and wellness. In addition, Magnesium Tablets is supercharged with ConcenTrace®, a complex of over 72 naturally occurring ionic trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake.
Take 2 tablets daily at mealtime for best results.
Serving Size: 2 tablets
Amount Per Serving
Calories ... 10
Total Carbohydrate ... 2g
Magnesium ... 300mg
(from Mag. Taurinate, Mag. Citrate, Mag. Chloride from ITM, Mag. Glycinate)
Chloride ... 300mg
(from ITM)
Ionic Trace Minerals ... 1g
A complex of over 72 naturally-occurring ionic trace minerals.
Other Ingredients: Stearic acid, vegetable cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, silica.
Contain no known allergens. GLUTEN FREE.


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