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D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition

Membrosia Complex 210 Grams

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The thread of life extends from molecules to cells, from cells to tissues, from tissue to organs and eventually to the organism. Each link in this chain plays a critical role at its level of organization, and as a bridge uniting the levels below and about it. The role of the cell is unique is that it links molecular energy and matter into a type of intelligence that drives the tissues and organs. Each cell is a miniature life form in and of itself: It must process signals from its environment then adjust and adapt itself to those signals. These signals are first experienced on the cell membrane, the boundary that distinguishes the internal workings of the cell from it exterior. The cell membrane is comprised of fats and phospholipids, organized as two layers. Because the cell membrane is predominantly made of fats, it naturally repels water. This allows the cell to maintain its internal water balance at a level that often is quite different from the external water outside of it.
Well-hydrated cells are happy cells.
Cells with proper water balance just work better: Molecules move around much faster, and the cellular machinery runs more efficiently. However, as we age, the cell membrane tends to thin and become more brittle. This can compromise how the cell maintains its internal water balance. A thin, brittle, cell membrane also tends to slow down the movement of the various receptors that lie in the cell membrane, which can make the cell less able to respond effectively to signals such as hormones and nutrients.
Dr. Peter DAdamo formulated Membrosia Complex to provide the key nutrients that enhance and maintain a healthy cell membrane: A unique blend of the cellular-supporting nutrients lecithin, trehalose and uridine. When combined with the synergistic product Membrosia Fluidizer (the Membrosia System) Membrosia Complex provides a unique 7-2-1 ratio of key nutritional phosphatides designed to support healthy aging and to optimize nerve health.
Mix two (2) level teaspoons with juice and Membrosia™ fluidizer in the morning. Avoid consuming any fatty foods for fifteen minutes after taking Membrosia™.
Serving Size: 2 Level Teaspoons (approx 7 grams)
Amount Per Serving
Lecithin ... 2, 160mg
(from soy)
Trehalose ... 2, 160mg
Ribose ... 1, 920mg
Uridine ... 480mg
L-Glutamine ... 240mg
Ingredients: Lecithin, Ribose, Trehalose, Uridine, and L-Glutamine.
Contains: Soy from Lecithin.
Warning: If you have gout or kidney disease, check with your physician before using this or any other nutritional supplement.


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