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OxyGuard 90 capsules

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Complete high potency antioxidant complex with mixed natural carotenoids
OxyGuards formula includes natural-source beta carotene, alpha carotene, lutein, lycopene and other carotenoids balanced much as they occur in a diet of natural foods.
The carotenoids beta carotene and lycopene have a spectrum of antioxidant activity, such as protecting against singlet oxygen, one of the most destructive types of free radical.
OxyGuard contains a highly bioavailable form of selenium which reduces the amount of vitamin E necessary to provide a given level of antioxidant protection.
Quercetin, an antioxidant from the flavonoid family, increases the free radical scavenging ability of the blood and is associated with coronary vascular health.
Three capsules daily, or as directed.
OxyGuard - 3 capsules provide
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
1000 mg
Vitamin E
( natural d-alpha-tocopheryl
400 IU
Selenium (L-selenomethione)
200 mcg
Natural Beta-carotene
20000 IU
4750 IU
Quercetin (a bioflavonoid)
35 mg
Lutein (from marigolds)
10 mg
Lycopene (from tomatoes)
6 mg
493 mg
16 mcg
* Daily Value (DV) not established


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