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Metabolic Response Modifier

Raw Organic Red Beet Powder 8.5 Ounces

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Red beets, or beetroots, are a nutrient dense superfood. Both the deep red taproot and green leafy above-ground portion, including leaves and stems, can be entirely consumed as part of any healthy diet.
The green leafy portion can simply be compared to chard or other green leafy vegetables. However, MRM utilizes only the extaordinary and antioxidant rich taproot from certified organic red beets.
Our whole food powder comes from a gentle process that slowly dehydrates the root at low temperatures so the significant nutrients it contains are not damaged. By gently removing the water, we keep the powder raw and its many beneficial compounds active and bioavailable.
This gentle process simply removes the water from the vegetable leaving behind all its nutrients, a deep rich color and its sweet, earthy flavor. This makes it a versatile ingredient for both savory and sweet recipe.
Use 1 serving per day
Serving Size: 1 tsbp. (10g)
Amount Per Serving
Calories ... 30
Calories from fat ... 0
Total Fat ... 0g
Saturated Fat ... 0g
Trans Fat ... 0g
Sodium ... 59mg
Potassium ... 32mg
Total Carbohydrates ... 8g
Dietary Fiber ... 2g
Protein ... 0g
Vitamin A ... 1%
Vitamin C ... 7%
Calcium ... 1%
Iron ... 3%
Other Ingredients: Organic red beet powder


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