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Unlocking Formula 90 tablets

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Patrinia Herbal Supplement
Chinese Therapeutic Actions: Clears Bound/Stagnant Qi and stasis of Blood. Clears Heat and Dampness in the Lower Jiao.
Internal: 3 tablets, 3 times daily
Patrinia Bai Jiang Cao
Sargentodoxa Da Xue Teng
Cyathula Chuan Niu Xi
Melia Chuan Lian Zi
Moutan Mu Dan Pi
Red Peony Chi Shao
Poria Fu Ling
Fennel Xiao Hui Xiang
Citrus Seed Ju He
Red Atractylodes Cang Zhu
White Atractylodes Bai Zhu
Phellodendron Huang Bai
Cimicifuga Sheng Ma
This product is not intended for use by pregnant women.


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